Stained Glass

Breathtaking Design

Stained glass has a long history spanning somewhere around a thousand years. Primarily associated with churches, many have come to find stained glass and depictions of biblical symbolism and the life of Christ to be intricately intertwined.

The beauty and elegance of these metallic-salt colored pieces of art can be seen around the world, from the oldest of sanctuaries to the most modern of today’s churches. As light shines through the colored panes and illuminate their depictions, stained glass is a memorable commemoration to Christ, Scripture, and church history.

Enduring Art Form

From complex scenes to simple forms, the art of stained glass has been an enduring presence in churches and sanctuaries. While our stained glass artists primarily craft from templates for consistency, each piece of stained glass retains its own unique characteristics. Many styles and practices of decoration and adornment change through the years, but stained glass has stood the test of time and will continue to be a staple in church buildings and church design.

What We Offer

While beautiful and elegant, stained glass can also be expensive, as most fine art pieces are. In an effort to encompass all the regal qualities of stained glass art and presenting it in an affordable package, we created a standard line of stained glass with a set grouping of images and colors to streamline the amount of time involved in creating each piece of stained glass. Because each piece of stained glass is made by hand, a template style method allows for a much faster finish time and ensures your church receives its stained glass as the best possible price and highest possible quality.

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