We offer new fiberglass steeples ranging from 14 feet to over 50 feet tall. They are made in our modern fiberglass facility in the USA and each one has a molded polyester Gel coat finish that is designed to uphold in severe weather conditions.

Our Steeples are designed to withstand damaging windows up to 100 mph. Each majestic piece adds the crowning touch to any church roof, a symbol of the building being a house of God, pointing into the heavens. We have hundreds of options to choose from as well to customize your church steeple.

Ordering fiberglass church steeples are easy. We will need to know what type of roof you have, including pitch, height of the building from the ground to its peak and any obstructions such as trees to the roof top. In addition, we will need to know if you have access to the attic and a few other additional details. Since fiberglass church steeples are made to order, it will take a few weeks to build, deliver and install the steeple depending on work load, location and installation schedule. contact us for details.

Steeple FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions / Steeple Options

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