Baptism is one of the most important physical acts that accompanies salvation and the journey into following Christ. Even Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist as an act of obedience before entering His public ministry. Baptismal services have always accompanied Christian services and mark an exciting time of transition in a new believer’s Christian walk. The earliest of baptisms occurred wherever a body of water could be found. Today, water is much more accessible than in times past and many churches enjoy a built-in, permanent baptistry in their sanctuary or a portable baptistry for indoor and outdoor services.

We offer a large variety of permanent and portable baptistries to suit your church’s needs. Permanent baptistries are ideal for churches that own their building and have ample space for a baptistry installation. Portable baptistries are increasing in popularity because of their mobility and flexibility of use, allowing not only for baptistry storage but for outdoor baptismal services as well. We also build multiple styles of baptismal fonts that can be customized and finished in our wide range of stains and finishes.

In addition to our baptistries we offer all of the baptistry heaters and baptistry accessories you would need to assist in your baptismal services.

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