Pew Padding

Specialized Care

We have been padding church pews for over a generation! Our crews do this work daily in cities and towns across the country, and understand the various styles and types of church furniture. Your church pews are valuable. Use specialists to care for them.


On Site Service

We offer restoration services of your church pews at competitive pricing. Our on-site service is available for most areas of the country.


Our professional crews have decades of experience in every type of pew construction. Why risk working with someone who is unfamiliar with your church pews?


We can apply padding to your wood church pews, or re-pad pews that already have padding. We also have replacement parts, bookracks, pew brackets, etc.

The Works

We can assist you in every stage of your church renovation from selling or trading your old furniture to providing new church pews, church chairs, etc.

3,000 Seats Padded

Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center

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Want to get a quote on church pew padding or restoration services? It will make you more comfortable during church services and your members and visitors alike will enjoy!

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