Church Classrooms


JUNE, 2017

I remember growing up in church and always going to Sunday school on Sunday mornings before going to “big church,” or what is better known as the main church service. Sunday school has long been a foundationAL part of the church teaching structure. From classes designed for teaching children all the way through to seniors, Sunday school is a way to break into smaller, more focused groups and cater teaching to different age ranges and different, specific needs. A church service where there is an expansive age range can make it difficult to deliver a message that can reach everyone at every level. Much like school is broken up by age and assigned to different grade levels, Sunday school can be broken down by age or demographic and allows the teacher to offer relate-able material to the class.

Growth in spiritual wisdom and a sense of community are the important results of Sunday school. In mentioning the similarities between grade school and Sunday school, another similarity is classroom layout and classroom furniture. Because teaching is involved, the most common design for a classroom lines rows of chairs equivalent to the estimated number of participants, faces those chairs forward, and places a desk, a lectern, or an announcement stand of some sort at the front of the room creating a focal point of the individual standing behind it. This standard layout has been used for nearly as long as classrooms have existed. Because Sunday school is focused on teaching, a good pulpit, lectern, or stand is important for holding books, papers, Bibles and teaching notes for quick and easy reference.

Because we believe in the function of Sunday school and church classrooms, we design many of our church furniture pieces with these very purposes in mind. We build a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate nearly any classroom need. From compact and mobile stands and tabletop lecterns to large and spacious to desk-like tables, the classroom stands are covered. Classroom seating is also important. Chairs should be comfortable and durable, allowing those seated to be free from distraction and to fully engage in the class teaching. Often, rows of banquet chairs are used or brought around a table or church chairs are arranged in interlocked rows and placed in a configuration for the best visibility of the teacher. We also offer various sizes of chairs designed for children and toddlers, folding chairs and folding tables, and furniture for nurseries and childcare.

Whether you are new to Sunday school or, like me, have fond childhood memories of church classrooms with felt-board Bible characters and heartfelt Bible stories, we have the classroom church furniture you need.