Church Chairs Should Be Supportive


JULY, 2016

You put a lot of pressure and weight on your tailbone, back, and spine when you sit down and if you’ve ever had any back trouble, you know that proper cushioning is a must if you plan to be seated for a while.

Nowadays, the interest and awareness of the importance of ergonomic seating is widespread. Most people know what lumbar support is and could tell you the specific vertebrae that gives them the most trouble in their back. This need for comfortable seating carries over directly into the church setting. We go to great lengths to ensure that we have a comfortable place to sit no matter where we may be. Funny as it sounds, there are churches where people are so used to sitting in the same spot that they will bring their own cushion to leave there for additional support week after week.

With the proper kind of foam and construction, your church chair shouldn’t need additional “help” to be comfortable. With newly engineered designs, improvements in the construction and materials, and widespread availability of church chairs to anyone who has access to a computer and phone, there’s no need for congregations to endure uncomfortable seating any longer.

New additions and features to church chair seating have created increased options for adding comfort and support for your body. Improvements such as added foam layers for lower back support in the lumbar region of the spine or a cutaway seat back that creates a recessed area to provide lumbar support can greatly increase comfort during longer periods of seating time. A waterfall edge at the front of some chairs may even help with circulation in the legs because the rounded shape does not “cut off” the blood vessels like a straight edge seat does.

Whether your church members’ back troubles range from minor to severe, your church chairs need not contribute to the discomfort from sitting. A well-made church chair can be one of the most comfortable types of seating that a person can experience from week to week. Think about it: More than likely, you don’t have a really comfortable chair at your dinner table or at your desk if you work in an office. Your couch may not even provide you with comfortable support either.

A well-made church chair can be one of the most comfortable types of seating that a person can experience from week to week.

If you’ve never sat in a padded, metal, stacking church chair before, you’re really missing out on the full experience. Many companies that sell church chairs will ship you a sample chair and charge you a nominal amount to cover the cost of the chair and the shipping so you can “test drive” it, so to speak, before you buy. Try this: Order one for your pastor or board to try out and review. Let it be circulated throughout the church office for a week while everyone tries it out for a day. Don’t be surprised to hear reports that people are able to sit longer and that their backs don’t give them trouble at all while they are seated in the church chair. In the end, at the very least, you’ve got a comfortable chair to be used around the office. At best, you’ve got a great choice to consider for furnishing your sanctuary.

Research your available options on church chairs and you will find that comfortable seating is within the range of possibilities for furnishing your church sanctuary.