Caring For Your Furniture

Maintenance Is Key

It’s a sad reality, but without proper maintenance your furniture will wilt. Give it the treatment it deserves: the royal affection of a fine sanctuary treasure. A properly maintained piece of furniture will brighten your halls, gleam beyond the barriers of your church and flawlessly snare admiring glances from all those who catch a glimpse. Don’t let your furniture or supplies fall victim to neglect.

Treat it with care. Respect it. Make it last.

Wood Furniture

Keep your pulpits, podiums and tables from diminishing in quality and look.

  • Protect them from everyday damage. Provide felt or cork to the bottom of scuffing materials and avoid use scraping/grinding objects.
  • Avoid heat and light. Position the furniture away from vents, radiators, fireplaces and direct sunlight.
  • Dust appropriately and often. Even dusting with a dry cloth can scratch. Spritz the cloth with water to offer a smooth buff.
  • Never mix polish and wax. This will lead to a gummy mess, choose one or the other.


Keep your upholstered furniture looking new.

  • Dust your furniture frequently. Dust and dirt can act like sandpaper leading to unnecessary scratching. Give your furniture a proper dusting often.
  • Vacuum to avoid a grimy look. Vacuuming your upholstered furniture weekly to keep it looking fresh.
  • Flip and rearrange to distribute wear and tear. Flipping your upholstery yearly can evenly distribute the wear and tear it takes from continued usage.
  • Preserve using commercial spray on fabric protectors.


Keep your acrylic radiant.

  • Never use window cleaner, ammonia products or chemical sprays!
  • To properly clean acrylic, use a soft, damp cloth and specialty cleaner like CRL.
  • Acrylic is stable in sunlight. There is no worry of discoloration or cracking when exposed to the sun.
  • Never use the same cloth you clean other household items with. This can retain dirt, abrasive substances and chemical compounds harmful to acrylic surfaces.


Assemble and keep them running smoothly.

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Need More?

Need more furniture and materials to practice your maintenance techniques? Well by all means, shop to your heart’s content!