Baptistery Covers

AUGUST, 2017

When your church is ready to purchase a Baptistery Cover there are many pieces of information that you will need to consider when ordering. Baptistery Covers that we sell are similar to a spa cover. These baptistery covers are Custom Made to order and to fit any baptistery. They are made to keep the water warm when heating while keeping bugs and debris plus trash out of the pool. It will also extend the life of your heater.

These covers are not made to walk on. While they are designed to be heavy duty, walking on them is not recommended for safety reasons. All we need to get started if you are interested in or considering ordering one are the dimensions of your pool along with a drawing and written out dimensions around the drawing. If you have a water faucet around the lip of your pool we need all the dimensions around that so we can cut out for that. We need pictures to send to our manufacturer to make sure there are not any obstructions around the area that they cannot cut out for. The baptistery cover, depending on the size of your pool, may come in sections if it is a larger pool. It is constructed with commercial quality, double strong piping with a dual stitching both top and bottom. It also has a double reinforced folding hinge. It can also come with child proof locking tie downs if you would like. We do many colors that would match any décor in a church, whether it will match the pool or surrounding items such as carpet or walls.

These are the colors we offer: brown, tan, almond, navy, blue, charcoal, gray, teal, hunter green, burgundy, white and black. Normally with baptistery covers since they are Custom Made it takes and average of 6-8 weeks for production. If you are in need of a cover, please give us a call. We will be glad to help you on your way to getting the perfect cover for you and your church’s baptistery.